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Other Services

Security Screening Equipment

Threats posed by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Light Weapons, Poisonous Compounds and banned Narcotics have become both global and local requiring investment in appropriate detection technologies.

Benefits Of Our Service

We developed partnerships with top technology manufacturers and are able to offer;

  • Portable Metal Detectors.
  • Walk – through Metal Detectors.
  • X-Ray Screening/Baggage Scanners.
  • Non – Radioactive Based Narcotics and Explosive Detectors.

Executive Guarding

Our Executive Guards/ Front Office/ Drivers enhance the corporate face of our customers in offering first line public relations, product information and/or customer service in high client traffic organizations, hence affording the customer’s staff ample time to give personalized service to their clients.

Canine Division

To strengthen security in high risk locations, we deploy highly trained Security Dogs guided by equally trained Handlers.We breed and train Security Attack Dogs of Rottweiler breed and Sentry & Patrol Dogs of the popular German Shepherd breed.
Our Canine team (Handlers and Dogs) undergo periodic re – training sessions conducted by our experienced Trainers at our owned facilities.
We specialize in;

  • Sentry Dog Security.
  • Canine Mobile Patrols.
  • Event Security incorporating Trained Canines.
  • Dog & Handler Training.