Friday, 20th April 2018

Car Track

Is the pioneer and market leader in the provision of Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) services and Asset Tracking Solutions, operating in Kenya since 1997. Our over 15,000 clients are distributed within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Rwanda and the greater East and Central

Africa region. We boast of a wide branch network that ensures prompt service at your door steps and an unrivalled stolen vehicle recovery rate compared to industry players. With over 15 years successful experience in vehicle tracking and recovery in Eastern and Central Africa, Car Track’s Fleet Management Solutions guarantee its clients a comprehensive integrated customized service and support in managing costs.

Car Track’s stolen vehicle recovery success record is at 96% in East & Central Africa with over 16,000 units of our systems installed, is presently unrivalled in the industry. We employ tested and tried advanced and reliable technology used elsewhere in over 22 countries to trace and locate vehicles.

Services and their Benefits

1. Web-based mapping and access from any web-enabled PC anywhere in the world            
2. System constantly streams data LIVE, in real time via GPS/GPRS/GSM            
3. Shows location, speed, even the direction the vehicle is facing            
4. User-defined Virtual fences send SMS tex tmessage on entry / exit            
5. Reports provide start / stop times, Individual and enhanced vehicles reports.            
6. Ability to immobilize a vehicle            
7. Has an input for panic button            
8. Switches from Satellite to GPRS communication thus saving the data cost depending on the zone            
9. Geo coding, address lookup and integrated address manager.            
10. Variable zoom, detailed maps and aerial imagery          
11. Supports one vehicle or 500 vehicles on a single map            
12. Real time Satellite - based tracking            
13. Time, distance and velocity monitoring            
14. Ignition and openings monitoring and control            
15. User-defined automatic alerts            
16. Panic buttons (Repeated, point 7)            
17. Capacity to be immobilized remotely (Repeated)            
18. Geo-fencing            
19. Customized reports on vehicle activity per driver including odometer readings, vehicle positions, vehicle utilization, start and stop times, idling and distance travelled.            
20. Real time fuel monitoring including real time filling detection, fuel consumption rate, theft detection, leaks detection, expected filling time, userdefined automatic alerts.            
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